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New Comfort 3.5

How does this work, how does that?
Is this a bug?
Is this a missing feature?

New Comfort 3.5

Postby WA4MIT » Tue 2. Jul 2013, 16:55

I downloaded and have been using the new Comfort 3.5 it logs directly to HRD and has not crashed. However it did stop decoding signals today. I left my desk and when I returned the software would no longer decode signals I tried the reset and clear buttons but nothing would restart the decoder and there where many signals in the waterfall. . I have a saved picture of the raw decoder output but do not seem to be able to post it.
73 Morris WA4MIT
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by Advertising » Tue 2. Jul 2013, 16:55


Re: New Comfort 3.5

Postby WA4MIT » Fri 5. Jul 2013, 13:43

Problems with Comfort 3.5: I am using the HRD suite I live in the Central Time zone USA and my computer is Pent Dual with win XPPro all latest updates 4GB ram. when the date changes by UTC comfort 3.5 logs the qso as the previous day example at 00:30 July 5th was logged as July 4th also the country name is not being recorded in HRD. Looking at the comfort logging pane the date is there correctly just out of order I believe. Back using Comfort 3.3 with JTAlert 2.3.1 for logging it list the date in the same format but it is correctly recorded in HRD along with the country name. I will use 3.3 until these problems can be corrected. Thanks 73 WA4MIT
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Re: New Comfort 3.5

Postby dl4oce » Sat 18. Jan 2014, 18:40

There's been many issues with regional settings which were hard to debug as I don't have an English Windows installed. Propably that issue has also gone with the lastest version?

Thanks for testing! It's the only way I can find out about bugs..
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