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Comfort 3.6 does not work correctly

How does this work, how does that?
Is this a bug?
Is this a missing feature?

Comfort 3.6 does not work correctly

Postby WA4MIT » Wed 24. Jul 2013, 14:20

I have tried the new version 3.6 and it is not working properly at all. The display is not working only half the screen is showing up it flashes the rest of screen then disappears leaving only a small screen that cannot be expanded. It does not connect to HRD I tried to enter the correct connection for HRD but it flashes and then closes as soon as I enter HRD checkbox.
This is not progress it is regression sorry OM but not good at all.
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by Advertising » Wed 24. Jul 2013, 14:20


Re: Comfort 3.6 does not work correctly

Postby dl4oce » Sat 18. Jan 2014, 18:38

Have you tried the latest version from the project page?
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